Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Library Situation at Los Osos Middle School

The past two weeks the library has had many changes in rules because of the amount of people that are in the library. The school has been trying to find some solutions but none of them work. The first thing the vice principal tried was a first come first serve. This was when the first 60 people enter the library the librarian would lock the entrances so that no one could enter the library. Another thing that they used before this one was a sign up sheet this was when the first 45 students to sign up before school or during nutrition would get a ticket to enter the library during lunch. After those two tries Mr. Blum decided to change the rules once more.
Now, for this new rule you need your school identification to enter the library. This rule was lunched on Dec. 9 2014 on this day there was another lady with the librarian standing at the entrance of the library during lunch. While she was there the lady would go up to every student in the library and say in a very grouchy voice "Where is your ID, you need your ID to enter." While she was doing this it was easy to tell that the librarian was not to happy about this rule.
On the next day in the morning a group of students went to see what the librarian was doing as they approached to her they saw that she was preparing her ID holder. Then as the students watch one of them said "I can't be in the library during lunch today because I forgot my ID at home." The librarian heard her and said that she could be in during lunch and then exclaimed "This is a very stupid rule that they have placed on my library. I dislike having to ask students for there ID!" After she mentioned this she grabbed the ID holler and purposely dropped it in the ground.

    What do you think should the school keep making these rules or should they just keep the library like it was in the begging of the year?