Thursday, January 15, 2015

Los Osos Middle School Finals for The Semester
By Luis Parra

Students going to all the teachers that they need to talk to if they want there grade to go up. Frustrated to look for papers or trying to retake test. Not only in LOMS but in many other schools in the district such as LAMS and Morro Bay High School. Why these students are so frustrated to get there grades up? The reason is because the semester is almost over and they re trying to get any papers that they can to redo. Some students say "It is a lot of work but it is worth it." Others say "I have all of the papers but I still do the extra work just in case something happens." Teachers are also helping by     giving worksheets, quizzes, and  test. Other students don't care about their grades but what they probably don't know is that those grades that they could be earning will help them later in life. The grades could be used to look fr a job or to enter a good college. So why would you not care? If they can help you later in life. Another thing students can do is study for the big/important tests that they have coming up. Some places that they can go to study is the library, a quit place at their house or outside in the park or somewhere peaceful unless they don't like quiet and put some music on. And, you where would you study or do your work to get ready for your finals?

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